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This blog will follow the life of the Sympa Shelties, as best as I can :) We are located in Michigan and breed, train, show, and love our Shetland Sheepdogs. You can find out more about us at : Sympa Shelties.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another Litter In The Works! :)

Our Planned 2011/2012 Litter

Kylee was bred around Thanksgiving.  Check back around
mid/late December for confirmation of pregnancy!

Sire of the litter will be AKC Grand CH/CAN CH/UKC CH Dan Dee One
From The Heart, "Ticker", he is health tested
and cleared.  He obtained an Award of Merit for 2011 ASSA
National and 2nd in Stud Dog class this year as well. He produces
puppies with lovely temperaments and structure, his daughter won the
Brood Bitch class at this years National and his grandsons were
1,2,3 in Puppy Dog 6-9 Sable, plus his son won 1st in both Futurity
12-18 and Regular (12-18 Sable) classes!!  A great year for him
ends with 5 American Champions so far.

Sable and White puppies are expected.

Ticker is currently residing with Dianne Hawes of Wistwin Shelties:

He is also co-owned with Suzi Beacham of Shalamar Shelties:

Pedigree of Ticker:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TJ's Registration Name

Would love to know what my readers think of his registration name ... If you can think of something along the 'future looks bright' or combining his parents names (What You Leave Behind & Im A Believer In) send me an email, or leave a 'comment' - would love to hear it!

Current Suggestions:
Sympa's Won't be Left Behind
Sympa's Tough to Leave Behind
Sympa's Never Look back
Sympa's believe in the future
Sympa's Belief in a Tremendous Jackpot
Sympa's Don't Stop Believin'
Sympa's You Gotta Believe
Sympa's I Believe in Miracles
Sympa's Straight to the Heart
Sympa's You are my Shining Star

Other -- leave a comment :)

LOTS of updates :)

Sorry, guys! I can not believe we're going on a month since I've updated this blog... Puppies are doing wonderful, all four are still here with us.

TJ - Still trying to think of a registered name for him (any suggestions?), but he is going to be staying in the Sympa Gang (going to live with my parents later this summer).

Crickett - sale pending, will be heading to California to be with a wonderful family and a couple other Shelties. They have watched her grow up and been in love with her all along. We are pleased with this family and will miss Crickett, but hey - now we will have TWO Sympa Puppies in Cali.

Rylee - Is Derrick's favorite! Wouldnt'cha know, shes the best all around everything dog - except for conformation. Dang, huge bummer. I would totally keep her (or send her to my parents) if she were a conformation prospect, as well. Instead, performance and therapy will be her "thing". As of today, she is still available. I have had some inquiries but nothing definite yet.

Dora - A real sweetheart, as always. And, still available, as well. She is our barker, but seems to just want to follow her humans anywhere.

They are all doing great as far as crate training - hardly any messes in the ex-pen anymore. They wake me up in the morning and get barky during the day to go out. Id say, probably 98% crate trained... Inside the house, and loose, they still need some work. Its puppy-brain, and we're working on it, but they do get distracted and into playing. Much of the time, during nice days, we spend a lot of time outside (where they get "puppy potty parties") or the screen door is propped open so they can come/go as they please. Leash training is going wonderful, almost perfect with that now :) We've started some basic obedience commands, as well.

Lately, Ive posted many more videos to YouTube (user/channel = sympashelties) than taking pictures. Must be because of being outside lately, I'd been studying for MSU finals, so Id just grab my phone for a quick video instead of pictures....

I will try to get better at updating the blog now, too, especially since *school is done until fall* :) :) :) :) :) :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

10.5 Weeks Old! :)

Here are the pups at 10.5 wks old ---





Thanks for letting me share!!!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Dora- 9" & 6.1lbs

Rylee- 7 3/4" & 4.5lbs

Crickett- 8 3/4" & 5.7lbs

TJ- 8 3/8" & 4.8lbs

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

7 weeks

Well, for being 7 weeks old, everyone is in the gray on the Nobel chart ...

Dora - 7 3/4
Crickett - 8 1/4
Rylee - 7 1/4
TJ - 7 1/2





Did a bunch more videos in the past couple days as well --- Check them out here:

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Volhard Testing & Grrr- You Tube

YouTube is being slow at processing the videos included in the Blog... If you see a video with a true time value, its working. If it still says 0:00/0:00, it isnt processed yet - even though theres a thumbnail for it ...

YouTube's support says they will be processed in time, sorry I cant do anything else :(

** Supposedly, you can view the videos thru the SympaShelties Channel at This Link.

Some have wondered what the Volhard testing is... Here is a website for more information - The block quote below is taken from that website...


Some of the tests we use were developed as long ago as the l930’s for dogs bred to become Guide Dogs. Then in the 1950’s, studies on puppies were done to determine how quickly they learned. These studies were actually done to identify children’s learning stages.

Top Dog Tips: The ideal age to test the puppy is at 49 days of age when the puppy is neurologically complete and it has the brain of an adult dog. With each passing day after the 49th day the responses will be tainted by prior learning.

Later on in the early 60’s more tests were developed to determine if pups could be tested for dominance and submission. These tests determined that it was indeed possible to predict future behavioral traits of adult dogs by testing puppies at 49 days of age. Testing before or after that age, effected the accuracy of the test, depending on the time before or after the 49th day.

We took these tests, added some of our own, and put together what is now known as the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test, or PAT. PAT uses a scoring system from 1-6 and consists of ten tests. The tests are done consecutively and in the order listed. Each test is scored separately, and interpreted on its own merits. The scores are not averaged, and there are no winners or losers. The entire purpose is to select the right puppy for the right home.

The tests are as follows:

1. Social Attraction - degree of social attraction to people, confidence or dependence.
2. Following - willingness to follow a person.
3. Restraint - degree of dominant or submissive tendency, and ease of handling in difficult situations.
4. Social Dominance - degree of acceptance of social dominance by a person.
5. Elevation - degree of accepting dominance while in a position of no control, such as at the veterinarian or groomer.
6. Retrieving - degree of willingness to do something for you. Together with Social Attraction and Following a key indicator for ease or difficulty in training.
7. Touch Sensitivity - degree of sensitivity to touch and a key indicator to the type of training equipment required.
8. Sound Sensitivity - degree of sensitivity to sound, such as loud noises or thunderstorms.
9. Sight Sensitivity - degree of response to a moving object, such as chasing bicycles, children or squirrels.
10. Stability - degree of startle response to a strange object.

TJ Volhard Test

Unfortunately, the video camera died before his test ... But, these were his results:

Social attraction = 1
Following = 1
Restraint = 3 <- lots of eye contact
Social dominance = 3
Elevation = 4
Retrieving = 2
Touch Sensitivity = 5
Sound Sensitivity = 5
Towel/Stability = 2
Umbrella/Stability = 3

Mixed results, but he is very people oriented, willing to please and would follow his person anywhere. The beginning of the test was somewhat skewed b/c he had just woken up and needed to potty (which he did during the test, then "woke up"), lol.

Crickett Volhard PAT Test

Crickett scored mostly THREEs, which means:
Mostly 3’s -

Can be a high-energy dog and may need lots of exercise
Good with people and other animals
Can be a bit of a handful to live with
Needs training, does very well at it and learns quickly
Great dog for second time owner.

Basically, very focused, not afraid, and very independent.

Individual test results
Social attraction = 3
Following = 2
Restraint = 3
Social dominance = 4
Elevation = 3
Retrieving = 2
Touch sensitivity = 5
Sound sensitivity = 3
Towel/Stability = 2
Umbrella/Stability = 2

Dora Volhard PAT Test

Dora scored mostly THREEs, which means:
Mostly 3’s -

Can be a high-energy dog and may need lots of exercise
Good with people and other animals
Can be a bit of a handful to live with
Needs training, does very well at it and learns quickly
Great dog for second time owner.

Basically, no fear, nothing really phases her, enjoys time with people.

Individual Test Results:
Social attraction = 3
Following = 1
Restraint = 5
Social dominance = 3
Elevation = 3
Retrieving = 3
Touch Sensitivity = 4
Sound Sensitivity = 4
Towel/Stability = 2
Umbrella/Stability = 3

Split up into sections: